Making “Ghee” at home

Ghee is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity and its moment of glory in gastronomic circles as well as nutritionally, especially in the “anti-inflammation” diet context. For long it had been relegated to the “bad-fat” shelf but has been rediscovered and now nearly every mainstream grocery store carries it. Here I’ll share my grandmother’s recipe with you… my dad actually told me that my ghee reminds him of what his grandmother used to make!! So can you imagine my delight??!!

So, what exactly is ghee?
It is, get ready for this, pure, 100% FAT!! Made by boiling butter until every trace of moisture has disappeared and all you have left is a clear liquid the color of grade-A maple syrup with a warm, nutty aroma and flavor that makes everything taste better. Trust me!


Unsalted butter – 32 oz
(I use Kerry Gold Irish butter. I really believe it makes the best, most aromatic and delicious ghee)

  • Unwrap and place all the butter in a heavy-bottomed 2 Qt. sauce-pan
  • Turn burner to low-medium setting (3-4) until all butter is melted
  • Lower burner setting to 2 and let it simmer slowly for about 1.5 hours. Yes, that is how long it will take to make the most delicious pure fat your tongue will ever taste! Remember to set a timer for 15 minute intervals to stir periodically.
  • Turn off burner, set aside to let it cool for at least a couple hours.
  • While still a little warm or room temperature and liquid, use a strainer if needed and pour into glass containers.
  • Makes about 2 x 12oz containers.
  • Now brace yourself for the cleaning of the pot you just made ghee in ☺

Butter just starting to melt into a golden yellow liquid. Heat setting should be low- medium (2-3)


After about 15 mins. the butter has freshly  melted which means the actual ghee-making process begins at this stage


At the 30-40 min mark, you’ll notice it will form a white foam on top and a thick yellow bubbling liquid as it comes to a steady boil


At the 45-50 min. mark you’ll notice the foam thins out and becomes less dense while the liquid gets a little bit clearer. From this point on, the liquid is going to get darker and clearer and the foam on top thinner and sparse.


At the 1 hr. 15-30 min. mark this is what you should see, a deep rich red- brown liquid, with bits of foam around the perimeter of the pot. I like it this deep hue… the flavor on cooling is a richer, nuttier one than the store bought kind


After letting it cool for a couple hours, gently pour into a glass container which can be sealed tight. There will be residue (muck) at the bottom which you don’t want falling in your ghee. (you can also use a tea strainer). When ghee is completely cooled it will solidify to a grainy texture. After this, try not to be dismayed at the thought of cleaning out the pot… it’s easier than you think. ☺


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