Adventures of a brown girl on a bicycle

I am not even sure how far back my love for cycling goes.  I do remember that I was the youngest kid (boy or girl) who could ride a bike among the 54 families and about 100 kids that lived in our apartment building. The bike was way too big for me.  I was not yet in first grade and the bicycle in question was my older sister’s, a huge 24″ blue bike.  It was so big (or I was so small) that I couldn’t reach the pedals if I sat on the saddle… so all my first 2+ years of riding was done with me standing while I pedaled. That bike took me to lots of places and gave me lots of adventures.  Like this one time I convinced my friend Alistair that I could ride “double” and that he should sit on the little carrier in the back…. well that adventure ended in me completely and abjectly losing control from the extra weight in the back and us crashing down into the soccer field via a completely uncharted route and him fracturing his arm and me getting badly bruised up from crashing through the dense undergrowth!! But that was the only instance where anyone had been hurt during one of my bicycling trips. Really!

I’ve been riding for over 13 years now and in the last 9, seriously. And by seriously I mean long distance where my best distance has been 107 miles at a pace of about 17mph.  I rode the NY 5-Boro ride for the Michael J. Fox Foundation which was a LOT of fun because they shut the highways down for the cyclists and have ridden the Reston Century for over 8 years in a row.


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